Saturday, 19 June 2032

Welcome to our English classes blog!

Hello! This is a blog specially designed to practise your English and have fun at the same time. We, teachers at school #8, have built this place for you to:

*Do and share your work.
*See what other years and courses are doing.
*Comment on others' work.
*Share what you've been doing at school with your family.
*See, listen to, play or do again whatever you enjoyed doing in class.

If you want to comment on others' work or activities...remember:

*Write your comments in English.
*Be respectful.
*Give positive feedback on others' work.
And now...just search the blog and enjoy!

Sunday, 1 May 2016

Programa de Alfabetización en Inglés- Lectura para las familias

Here you will find more information about what we are learning and how. 
Click on the photo to read:

Here are the songs you love singing!

We are learning the sounds in English using the Jolly Phonics programme. 
We have finished groups 1 and 2. Here are the songs. 

Let's Play Teach your Monster to Read!

We are ready to play Teach Your Monster To Read. Here is the link to the game and the user name for each student in Year 2 and passwords. 
Have fun!

Story: Pam Naps

In Year 2 we are learning our first sounds. We are doing very well!! So well that we have already read our first book! Enjoy!